Sunday, June 26, 2011

Patapon 3 DLC Helm Download

You can download the free DLC helm on Patapon 3.
Here are the DC contents:

Otherworld Jupiter Head = (movement speed)
Gero Helm of Valor = (attack power)
Straw Boing Helm = (stagger rate)
Thief Jirokichi Helm = (attack speed)
Masamune Helm = (critical rate)
Clown Helm = (freeze rate)
Karib Rampage Helm = (poison rate)
Malevolent Uramus Helm = (sleep rate)
Bald Cap = (burn rate)
Marina Sea Helm = (knockback rate)

Download the DLC HERE. 
Download the NPLoader 7 HERE. 

1. Put the DLC on ms0:/PSP/GAME folder. (not in SAVED DATA folder)
2. Put the nploader on ms0:/seplugins folder. If you don't have a seplugins folder, just create a new one  on the root memory of your psp.
3. Put this line on your game.txt ms0:/seplugins/nploader.prx 1. If you dont have a game.txt create a new one inside the seplugins folder.
4. Unplugged your PSP.
5. Enjoy!!


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